Truffles the Kitty: A Feline Ambassador for Vision

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In the heartwarming tale of Truffles the Kitty, we encounter a remarkable feline who has become an ambassador for vision. Born in July of 2017 as a stray cat, Truffles embarked on a unique journey that would make her a beloved office cat with a special mission. This article explores the heartwarming story of Truffles, her journey from a stray to a symbol of inspiration, and the impact she's had on the world of eyewear.

From Stray to Forever Home

Truffles' story begins with an unexpected twist of fate. In October of 2017, the Crull family welcomed her into their lives as a feisty little furball. Even at just a few months of age, Truffles displayed exceptional intelligence and charm, quickly endearing herself to her new family.

The Kitty with a Special Talent

By the age of four months, Truffles had already learned how to sit and give high fives, showcasing her exceptional intelligence. However, it was at around six months of age that Truffles' unique journey took an unexpected turn.

Truffles' human mommy, Danielle, had a playful idea: could Truffles wear glasses as a fun "trick"? With a tiny premie frame and careful adjustments for comfort, Danielle began teaching the young kitty how to wear glasses. Little did they know, this playful act would transform into something extraordinary.

A Child's Eyes: Where Truffles Found Her Calling

Danielle soon discovered the power of Truffles' adorable glasses-wearing antics. When children visited the optical shop, she would call Truffles to demonstrate how to wear glasses. To everyone's surprise, this simple act put the children at ease and facilitated the fitting process for their eyeglasses. Moreover, it boosted the children's self-esteem about wearing eyeglasses themselves.

This marked the beginning of Truffles' unofficial employment at "A Child's Eyes." She embarked on a mission to educate and inspire children about eyeglasses and eye care.

Truffles' Educational Videos

Truffles' journey as an ambassador for vision continued to evolve. She began creating a series of endearing videos to teach children about various aspects of eye care. From explaining what an eye exam is like to demonstrating where to put glasses when not wearing them, Truffles became a beloved teacher in the world of optometry.

A Symbol of Hope for Amblyopia

One of the most heartwarming surprises came when Truffles willingly wore an eyepatch on her glasses. This simple act resonated with children who were suffering from Amblyopia, a common childhood eye condition affecting 2-3 out of every 100 children. Amblyopia often requires occlusion therapy, involving wearing an eyepatch for up to six hours a day. Truffles' willingness to wear her eyepatch for a minute or two inspired and encouraged these children, making their treatment journey a little brighter.

Truffles' Love for Eyewear

In an unexpected twist, Truffles herself developed a fondness for eyeglasses, even though her frames had no lenses. She would actively seek out Danielle, requesting one of her sixteen pairs of frames and wear them for hours at a time. On numerous occasions, Danielle found Truffles asleep on a chair, still wearing her stylish frames.

Employee of the Month

Truffles' presence at "A Child's Eyes" is nothing short of legendary. She is voted as the "Employee of the Month" every month, not only by Danielle and her coworkers but also by everyone who enters the store. Truffles' fame has spread far and wide, as her heartwarming videos on Facebook, special online features, and Instagram posts have captured the hearts of millions around the world.

Spreading Love and Acceptance

Truffles' impact extends beyond eyewear and vision care. She has become a symbol of love, acceptance, and fashionable eyewear. Her mission is not just about helping children with their eyeglasses but also about spreading a message of compassion and inclusion.


Truffles the Kitty's journey from a stray cat to an ambassador for vision is nothing short of extraordinary. Her ability to put children at ease, her support for those with Amblyopia, and her genuine love for eyewear have made her a beloved figure in the world of optometry. Truffles' story teaches us that even the most unlikely candidates can make a significant impact and spread love and acceptance to the world.


1. How did Truffles learn to wear glasses?

Truffles' human mommy, Danielle, taught her how to wear glasses with a tiny premie frame and careful adjustments.

2. What is Amblyopia, and why is Truffles important in its treatment?

Amblyopia is a common childhood eye condition. Truffles' willingness to wear an eyepatch on her glasses has inspired and encouraged children undergoing treatment for Amblyopia.

3. How many pairs of eyeglasses does Truffles have?

Truffles has an impressive collection of sixteen pairs of eyeglass frames.

4. Why is Truffles known as an ambassador for vision?

Truffles' videos and presence at "A Child's Eyes" have made her a symbol of vision care and eyewear.

5. Where can I learn more about Truffles and her mission?

You can follow Truffles' heartwarming journey on her Facebook page, YouTube, and Instagram videos. 

@thatgoodnewsgirl Truffles the cat wears glasses and even has her own special pair for colorblindness! Truffles is a cat ambassador for vision and helps kids feel comfortable wearing glasses. She also does important work raising awareness about different eye conditions. 🐈‍⬛ Find Truffles here: @Truffles_the_kitty In October, you can also patch a pumpkin for Truffles’s #pumpkinpatchproject raising awareness about amblyopia - see her page for more information! 🎃 P.S. if you’ve followed me since I started, you might remember I did a short highlight about Truffles back in February - I’ve been meaning to add more details about the colorblind glasses for some time 😋 #catsoftiktok #catswithjobs #catnews #goodnews #positivecontent #trufflesthekitty ♬ original sound - jenn💜 good news & fun stories

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