Taylor Swift and Her Feline Companions: A Purrfect Love Story + An Open Letter to Taylor Swift @TaylorSwift13 @Taylornation13

Taylor Swift, the pop sensation known for her chart-topping hits and captivating performances, has another title that holds a special place in her heart: a devoted cat lover. Behind the glamorous stage persona, Taylor's genuine affection for her feline companions shines through, capturing the hearts of fans and cat enthusiasts alike.

Meet Taylor's Fabulous Felines

Taylor Swift's love for cats is no secret, and her furry friends have become almost as famous as she is. The trio of cats—Meredith Grey, Olivia Benson, and Benjamin Button—have charmed their way into the spotlight and onto social media feeds worldwide. Named after iconic television characters and even a famous literary character, these cats are more than just pets; they're cherished members of Taylor's family.

Social Media Stars

Taylor Swift's Instagram and other social media platforms often showcase her playful interactions and heartwarming moments with her cats. From adorable snapshots of the trio napping together to playful videos capturing their quirky behaviors, fans get a firsthand look at the joy and laughter these feline companions bring to Taylor's life.

Cat-Inspired Artistry

Taylor's love for her cats has also found its way into her creative work. In her music video for "ME!," a whimsical scene features Taylor and Brendon Urie surrounded by a rainbow of cats, showcasing her affection for these four-legged friends in her art. It's evident that her cats not only inspire her personal life but also influence her artistic expression.

Advocacy for Animal Welfare

Beyond her adoration for her own cats, Taylor Swift also uses her platform to raise awareness for animal welfare. She has been a vocal advocate for pet adoption and animal rescue, encouraging her fans to consider adopting cats and dogs from shelters. By using her influence to spotlight the importance of responsible pet ownership, Taylor contributes to the well-being of countless animals.

The Universal Love of Cats

Taylor Swift's connection with her cats resonates with cat lovers around the world. Her authentic and relatable portrayal of her relationship with her feline companions reminds us of the unbreakable bonds we share with our own pets. Whether it's the way they curl up on her lap or the mischievous antics that brighten her day, Taylor Swift's cats remind us of the joy and companionship that cats bring into our lives.

In a world where the spotlight often shines on celebrity glamour, Taylor Swift's unwavering love for her cats adds a touch of down-to-earth charm and relatability. As fans continue to follow her journey, they're treated not only to her musical talents but also to heartwarming glimpses of her life as a proud cat parent. Taylor Swift and her cats have woven a purrfect love story that continues to capture our hearts and remind us of the magic of feline companionship. 

An Open Letter to Taylor Swift

Dear Taylor,

I hope you're doing fine, finding your way in this crazy, beautiful world. First, I want to say that your music has been our compass, guiding us through the highs and lows of our delicate life. My daughter and I are some of your biggest fans, and we've danced through every era you've shared with us.

As we eagerly await the Era's Tour in New Orleans in 2024, we can't help but think of the enchanted memories waiting to be created. It's like a love story we've been waiting to experience, and being part of the crowd, singing our hearts out to your tunes, would be something that could only happen in our wildest dreams.

We've got a blank space on our calendar for October 2024, just waiting to be filled with the magic of your performance. However, it seems we have some bad blood with Ticketmaster this August, who made this a cruel summer, and we're left hoping for a fairy tale ending after such a treacherous ordeal. So it goes...

Everything has changed as we were put on the waitlist by Ticketmaster (because they're mean and I'm pretty sure they had a glitch), and as much as we believe in happy endings, we could use a little help from our fairy godmother – or in this case, our superstar songstress. 

You see, Taylor, you've taught us that sometimes dreams do come true, even when they seem far away. Your lyrics have given us strength, made us fearless, and encouraged us to reach for the stars. We're wondering if you could make us the lucky ones and maybe sprinkle a little starlight our way, so we can be part of the magic in New Orleans. 

The last time I saw you was for your Reputation Tour, but this time my daughter will be 16 (she's fifteen now) and it would be a state of grace to bring her to the Eras Tour as her first concert. 

Don't blame me, Ticketmaster made me crazy. Although I'm trying to shake it off, I know that if this was a movie I'd already have a ticket in hand and find my best red lipstick to style with my gorgeous outfit for the night of the concert. Would've, could've, should've - doesn't matter, we don't have our hands on any tickets yet.

So, Can I ask you a question? Can you be our anti-hero and help us get tickets to your concert in New Orleans for October 2024?

The moment I knew I was going to be the girl at home I knew I had to find a place in this world and try for a miracle. If there's a way, even just a hint or a whisper in the wind, that could come in on your white horse and make a miracle happen, I wish you would. It would mean everything to us. 

Your music has been the backdrop to so many of our life moments, and having the chance to hear it live would be a story we'd tell for generations. Picture us dancing with our hands tied like we're 22, celebrating the love story you've crafted with your songs.

We understand all too well that you've got a busy schedule being a superstar, always moving in your getaway car, always creating. But we're here, holding on to the feeling that maybe, just maybe, our dream could become reality with a little touch of Taylor magic to give us the best day ever. It's a long shot, a leap of faith, but as you've shown us, dreams are worth chasing and you are certainly the mastermind of solving problems. It would be the best thing that would ever be mine. Just the thought of my daughter and I telling the story of us getting to attend makes it feel like sparks fly with excitement in wonderland like new romantics!

You can call it what you want, but to clarify, my end game isn't for you to just give us tickets. I am willing to pay for seats. I'm just on my vigilante shit (or stuff if you want the clean version) hoping you can be the man and help us get them. It's nice to have a friend who's willing to be the archer because right now I'm in exile as my tears ricochet. This is me trying not to be a mad woman about champagne problems. I just don't want to be haunted like Betty on Cornelia Street

Thank you, Taylor, for being our guide through the twists and turns of life. I hope we'll be out of the woods and find a way to get there. No matter what happens, you've already given us a love story that's uniquely ours where you leave me in the lavender haze. Your music has painted our world with vibrant melodies and heartfelt lyrics, and for that, we're forever grateful.

Hoping like a foolish one that I can see you during this timeless era.  Stay beautiful.

It's time to go, forever & always,

Ashley Drewes

P.S. - Like a favorite song that never gets old, your music will continue to play in the soundtrack of our lives. We'll be singing along, dancing through every verse, and holding on to the hope that our paths may cross in the enchanting city of New Orleans - even in midnight rain.

(The only other location I may be posting this is on my other website Closet of Free Samples and my personal/business pages in hopes of this reaching Taylor)

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