Cat Library: A Unique Initiative in Doña Ana County

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In the heart of Las Cruces, New Mexico, Doña Ana County's local government employees are enjoying a groundbreaking initiative - the "Cat Library." This innovative project allows workers to borrow a feline companion for their workday, creating a delightful and stress-relieving environment.

The Concept

The brainchild of the county's head of public relations, the Cat Library brings cats from the local Animal Care Center of Mesilla Valley to the workplace. These cats often require special attention, ranging from being visually impaired to having faced abuse or abandonment. The library typically hosts around five cats at any given time, providing employees with the opportunity to interact with them in a designated area or take them to their offices for the day.

Impact on Employees

Not only does this initiative inject a dose of fun into the workday, but it also has tangible benefits for employees' well-being. The joy and comfort of having a furry friend by your side can significantly reduce stress levels and enhance productivity. In a world where the line between work and personal life often blurs, the Cat Library creates a unique and positive atmosphere in the workplace.

Finding Forever Homes

One of the most heartwarming aspects of the Cat Library project is its contribution to cat adoption. According to Tillison, the project has facilitated over 100 adoptions, including her own cat, Lucy. By allowing employees and visitors to interact with cats, the library serves as a living showcase for cats in need of loving homes. This exposure has proven to be more effective than traditional animal shelters, as hundreds of people pass through the lobby daily, increasing the chances of finding forever homes for these feline companions.

Raising Awareness

The Cat Library not only benefits the employees but also serves a crucial role in raising awareness about the plight of cats in need. Tillison points out that traditional animal shelters are often located outside city limits, making it less likely for individuals to consider adoption. However, the library's strategic location within the county's administrative offices ensures that a diverse audience encounters these cats daily. This exposure prompts conversations about adoption and fosters a sense of responsibility towards the welfare of animals.

The Human-Animal Bond

Studies consistently highlight the positive effects of the human-animal bond on mental health. The Cat Library takes this concept to the workplace, creating an environment where employees can experience the therapeutic benefits of interacting with cats. This not only contributes to a happier and healthier work culture but also strengthens the sense of community among coworkers.


In conclusion, the Cat Library in Doña Ana County stands as a testament to the power of innovative ideas in improving workplace morale and contributing to the well-being of both humans and animals. Beyond its immediate impact on employees, the project has become a catalyst for cat adoption and a beacon of awareness for the broader community.

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